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How it all started…

Initially this all began as a church home group for people with life controlling issues at Grace Church Wolverhampton. As we journeyed with individuals who struggled with mental health, addiction, alcoholism and other issues we quickly realised that stable accommodation was one of the big obstacles that they faced. We wanted to find a way to get local churches involved in providing homes for these guys and the homeless in general. This is how we got involved with Hope into Action as a franchise of the original Hope into Action in Peterborough. 5 years later Hope into Action: Black Country is managing 7 properties for 23 tenants in partnership with 7 churches…

In January 2016, a lady died on the streets of Wolverhampton sleeping rough. We were outraged that this kind of tragedy should still be happening on our streets in the 21st century. We decided that enough was enough and set about setting up what would soon become the Wolverhampton Church Shelter. 3 years later and this has evolved into a permanent night shelter providing 20 beds a night for rough sleepers. Now we are relocating to a joint building with another homelessness organisation to provide a 24/7 homelessness hub for agencies and individuals to work together providing overnight accommodation, food services, training opportunities, structured day-round activities and opportunities to engage better

ReGen Training was ‘birthed’ out of the Wolverhampton Church Shelter when quality employment was identified as one of the key factors in enabling rough sleepers to successfully navigate a pathway out of homelessness. Although many of the guests in the Shelter had managed to find occasional work, it was of such poor quality that it was viewed as having little or no value. In addition, many of those who had tried were simply not ready for stable employment and had quickly defaulted back to previous ways of life. It became clear that moving people on from the shelter required innovative thinking in terms of creating supported employment opportunities. This led us to developing the free residential training program to give them a home and hope for a better future…

The Rotary Shelter Bus and Social Enterprise Lettings Agency are the latest additions to the Enterprise Homes Group unified pathway. We had come to the conclusion that our activities needed to be enterprise led, profit generating and self-sustaining if we were to be a long term solution to tackling homelessness across the city. We also wanted them to serve a specific social purpose and have their rightful place on the pathway. As a voluntary sector organisation we are seeking to find ways to be more financially independent and less dependent on grants from funding bodies. We are achieving this through a diversification of our income streams including trading activity and donations from individuals, churches and corporate sponsors.

Over the course of the last 5 years, a bigger picture has been developing of how working together, we could have a significant impact on homelessness across our city. As a result, the vision for the Enterprise Homes Group was birthed bringing together these five complimentary streams of activity.

1. Church Shelter

First Stage Provision

2. Rotary Shelter Bus

Second Stage Provision

3. ReGen Training

Free Residential Training Course

4. Hope into Action

Move On Supported Accommodation

5. Social Lettings Agency

Affordable Housing in the Private Sector

The Vision

The Enterprise Homes Group. Is seeking in partnership with others to Make Homelessness History.

By that we do not mean that we are going to eradicate homelessness altogether. There will always be family breakdown, alcoholism, drug addiction and other issues that can and do lead people to losing their home. We do believe however that in many circumstances homelessness could be prevented before it happens and where it is perhaps inevitable that it would only be temporary and short-lived with immediate solutions to hand. We want to be part of creating a housing system where no-one gets left behind and everyone has equal opportunity to housing and the help that they need to sustain it.

Using a multi-disciplinary team approach we break the cycle of housing poverty, addressing the poverty of relationships through building community and creating somewhere to belong.Poverty of relationships particularly within the context of homelessness is where people lack the necessary positive and supportive relationships necessary to thrive. At a significant point of crisis, they find themselves lonely, isolated and at risk of homelessness.

Our approach to tackling cycles of housing poverty involves journeying with individuals along a unified pathway of services whilst providing consistency of relational support throughout. We are building community by being family together, finding homes for the homeless and empowering them to develop skills along the way.

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