We are working collaboratively with Wolverhampton City Council in the Community Champions scheme, supporting those groups most at risk from COVID-19, promoting safer behaviours and sharing advice to reduce the impact of the virus.

We want those who may have experienced a period of homelessness, the excluded, those from Eastern European countries, and all those that we work with to find somewhere to belong, a sense of value, and for no-one to get left behind.

Here is a wide range of FAQs around the COVID vaccine, which can be found on our webpage:

A range of resources in audio and written translated in various languages

It’s important to share messages from trusted sources. Our COVID info bank has resources and information for you to promote across your communities.


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City of Wolverhampton Vaccine webpage:

Wolverhampton CCG Vaccine webpage:

NHS Covid-19 Vaccine:

Community Champion Flyer:

The government has published a series of photographs taken by photojournalists working with the NHS, showcasing the people behind the UK-wide vaccination programme – ahead of a campaign urging under-50s to get the jab.

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