Enterprise Homes Group operates as a loving and supportive family. Our people work together as family, and this is the heart of the organisation. It shapes our vision of making homelessness history, what we think and how we do things.

We offer unconditional acceptance to those who have become excluded and may be transitioning out of homelessness. We don’t make judgements; we simply listen to understand where they are at.

Through coaching and friendship, we look to reignite a hope for the future, helping people to define their own aspirations, goals, and dreams. We want them to take ownership and grow in personal responsibility.

Our coaches give them back control over their lives, inspire exceptional performance, and work with them to devise their own personal development plan, based on their strengths, stated goals and objectives.


Working with our partners, we create places to belong, develop skills and find meaningful employment. Our vision is making homelessness history.

We are currently aligned with seven Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations:-

  • We are actively engaged in working towards ending all forms of poverty, fighting inequalities, and tackling climate change through recycling.
Sustainable Development Goals