‘I first came to England in 2008 looking for work. I found jobs in both Liverpool and Manchester doing packing, cleaning, working in a chicken factory, and eventually in a restaurant as well. ‘

My brother spoke better English than me and he was in Wolverhampton with a good job, so I went to join him with a promise that he would be able to find me a good job as well. Weeks, then months went past, and there was no job. I then went to Nottingham for a while but eventually came back to Wolverhampton to a good job in Bilston which lasted a year. After that I worked in construction and building work for a while but that came to an end and I couldn’t find any more work. Sadly my brother and I fell out, and I eventually found myself shut out and on the streets with nowhere to go. To add to this, I also became ill which prevented me from working. I had scans in hospital but to begin with they couldn’t find out what was wrong. It took a long time to diagnose what was causing the attacks of violent dizziness but it was Meniere’s disease. I ended up sleeping in a tent which was better than being on the street. I spent about 5 months in the tent and then the Night Shelter opened. It was relatively clean, comfy and had the best people helping there. When the Shelter eventually shut, I was moved into a hotel for a short spell, then a house with four others before eventually Wolverhampton Homes found me a place all of my own. It was just the best thing – a proper house with carpets and a TV.! Now I am really happy to be working with Enterprise Homes – the best company, the best staff with the best heart. Every day I’m helping people who have been homeless. I love it.

*Name and photo have been changed to protect the identity of the person